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ZONE Bowling Woodville

Located on Port Road, ZONE has 26 bowling lanes, 40 arcades and Laser tag.

If it’s action-packed fun your children are after, Zone Bowling on Port Road in Woodville is well worth a visit.

Don’t be misled by the name. This is a modern entertainment Colosseum bursting with so much more than just the appeal of ten-pin bowling. It’s a destination where, with the 26 bowling lanes complemented by 40 arcade machines, a laser tag facility and a café and bar serving a variety of food and drink options. It’s licensed too, so you can happily spend the best part of an afternoon there.

After being beaten by the kids at bowling, the adults can look to exact revenge in the games arcade where the myriad machines whirl, whizz, ring out and light up in a display reminiscent of an era they’re more familiar with, the one that pre-dates the smartphone as the go-to destination for fun and games.

The laser tag arena – basically a tag game played with lasers which fire infrared beams at players wearing infrared-sensitive targets – might prove to be the decider before you all shake hands, take a break, pull up a chair and enjoy a celebratory or sorrowful drink and early evening meal.

Try Zone Bowling’s Signature Burger which will leave you in a food coma you won’t regret! You will also find interesting takes on the loaded fries craze, along with nachos, pizzas, desserts and special menu options like chicken dippers and hot dogs designed especially for smaller stomachs.

And with some of them linked to summer holiday specials, be sure to check out the website to jag a bargain to boot!

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