West Lakes

Constructed on a tidal swamp back in the 1970’s, West Lakes is today a thriving region with its very own recreational fishing in a carefully constructed Artificial Reef Habitat

The Lakes are an ideal location for learning and developing skills in water sports. Take the family down for a day and enjoy the programs on offer to boost water awareness or learn new water sports such as Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Windsurfing or Canoeing.

As part of Council’s project to improve the fish habitat and promote positive, recreational fishing in West Lakes, 12 new artificial reefs were deployed into the waters of the lake.

The floating reefs are world first, and were designed specifically for lake, which has a soft sediment that could otherwise bury conventional reef structures over time.

The reefs are expected to promote the health of the lake and improve the fish habitat with a likely increase in fish numbers within the lake.

The new reefs have been strategically placed to increase positive fishing from Inlet Reserve and increase the fish population in the lake. Currently there is a fish cleaning station a playground and public toilets all available at Inlet Reserve making it an ideal family fishing location.


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