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West Beach Adventure

Play tennis in the sky or row a boat mid-air.
These thrills and more at West Beach Adventure.
Fun for ALL ages!

Call it an ‘aerial adventure park’, call it a ‘playground in the sky’, call it what you will, but if you’re a family with young kids – or no kids – and you’re visiting Adelaide, you are strongly advised to call in to West Beach Adventure and explore Adelaide from above while testing your climbing and acrobatic skills.

The first and only facility of its kind in the country, West Beach Adventure’s Mega Climb stands over 30 metres tall and offers over 70 unique challenges all engineered to push the limits of all ages and fitness levels as they make their way through this exhilarating maze in the heavens.

There’s also a Giant Swing that launches you through the air at heart-in-the-mouth speeds of 70 kilometres per hour and the white-knuckle Mega Jump’s leap of faith where you’ll experience that freefall sensation and its mandatory kick of adrenalin.

But don’t let your age or lack of fitness discourage you as there are other options for the less adventurous (although we know of someone who successfully tackled the Mega Climb in celebration of his 80th birthday!), such as the Sky Walk and its 83 steps that take you to the pinnacle of the structure where you can feast your eyes on spectacular and uninterrupted views of the ocean, the city and the distant Adelaide Hills.

Little ones are catered for, too, and can test their mettle on the Kid’s Course and its 10 challenges that end with an excitement-filled zip line.

West Beach Adventure’s appeal is undoubtedly the thrill, but there’s also the personal challenge element, drawing you back time and again to improve on your previous achievement. You be the judge!

Open 7 days a week.

Tel: 8355 1480

Address: 4 Hamra Avenue, West Beach, 5024


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