From the outside, Sotos Fish Shop on Semaphore Road looks like the quintessential seaside takeaway joint but once you step inside, you’ll feel a special vibe that’s associated with what is arguably Adelaide’s oldest takeaway shop dating back to 1949. 

That’s just a few years after World War II came to an end, so it’s clear all the owners, from the originals to today’s Mackay family – dad Bruce and his son Craig – have been doing something right at this western suburbs institution that just about everyone in Adelaide has visited at least once…and many of them tell us they’ve been coming back for 50 years or more. 

They’ve voted with more than their feet, too, having recently cast their ballots in the Fish and Chips Awards to deliver Sotos the ‘People’s Choice’ gong. 

So, what is it? After all, fish and chips are, well, fish and chips… 

Craig takes a break from serving a constant stream of customers to tell us it comes down to three things: the chips, the fish and a generous selection of specials, all backed by honest, friendly customer service.  

The chips, he says, are all hand-cut from fresh, locally grown potatoes; the fresh fish comes straight from our pristine waters to your serve (although they also have a few high quality imported options); and the specials add an element of intrigue to the culinary experience. 

Right now, it’s the ‘Best of British’ that’s pulling in locals and visitors. So why not grab one – Atlantic Cob, hand-cut chips, curry sauce and the mandatory mushy peas – and head to the beach or lawns of Semaphore? 

For more information: 

Bruce McKay or Craig McKay 

Sotos Fish Shop, 23 Semaphore Road, Semaphore 

T: 08 8449 1270 


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