Port Adelaide River

Interact with our playful wild dolphins, take a trip through maritime history and visit the ships’ graveyard.

The Port Adelaide River (also known as Port River) extends from West Lakes to the maritime town of Port Adelaide, through to Outer Harbour. The Port River has a rich maritime history dating back to Adelaide settlement in 1836.

The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary has a 10,000 year old mangrove forest that lies within the Port Adelaide River and is home to about 30 wild bottlenose dolphins with 300 that come to visit them regularly! You can take river cruises to interact and see these playful creatures swim, dive and if you’re lucky, tail-walking.

Port Adelaide River has one of South Australia’s most significant archaeological treasures – the largest and most diverse ships' graveyard in Australia accessible to non-divers.

Today the remains of at least forty vessels lie embedded in silt and washed by the tides. The diverse collection, ranging from majestic windjammers and steamships to coastal traders and harbour craft, represents maritime activity from the mid 1800’s to the mid 1900’s.

There are many fishing spots in the Port River known for large bream, mulloway, flat head and salmon.

The Port Adelaide River is a destination loved by locals and visitors alike. After a day out on the river, there are great “old salt” pubs, quirky cafes and fabulous shops tucked away in heritage buildings reminding us of the rich maritime history of this beautiful town of Adelaide.


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