When the team at the recommissioned Pirate Life Brewing facility optimistically estimated some 2,000 people would flock to the venue on its March 2019 relaunch date…and then ended up having this number file through within the first 30 minutes of opening, it says something.

And that ‘something’ is you’d be a fool to leave Adelaide without a visit to this major attraction at Port Adelaide.

Housed in the historic old Dalgety Woolstores that heaved with life and activity during the Port’s halcyon days of nautical trade, Pirate Life Brewing continues the legacy with a venue that’s every bit as lively and active, inside the state-of-the-art brewery and in the expansive courtyard, which collectively comfortably cater for 300 guests.

There’s row upon row of frosted taps waiting to tantalise your tastebuds with a myriad exciting creations, from the classics with a craft brewing twist – such as lagers, pale ales, IPAs and stouts – to the intrepid cherry sour brew and its equally adventurous acai and passionfruit sibling.

Pirate Life’s, Ed Smiles calls it a beer lover’s heaven, where there’s a beer for every palate – and he’s not wrong. But there’s so much more to Pirate Life where, on any given day – except Christmas Day, when closed – you can meander off on the two-hourly comprehensive guided tours of the brewery.

A selection of great food, available from the courtyard food trucks, complements the beer, while the merchandise store is a magnet for the souvenir browser and the two outdoor shuffleboards are equally popular attractions.

And if you’re after something completely different, well, there’s even an authentic red-and-white pole barber shop on site, where you can sip away while barber Gustavo – or whoever is on duty when you visit – clips away.

For more information:

Ed Smiles

Pirate Life Brewery, 18 Baker Street, Port Adelaide

T:            0408 086 527
E:            ed.smiles@piratelife.com.au 
W:          www.piratelife.com.au

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