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Mega Adventure Park

Play tennis in the sky or row a boat mid-air. These adventures and more at Mega Adventure Park. Fun for ALL ages!

Mega Adventure Park at Adelaide Shores is adventurous fun for all ages and all fitness levels. There are three main activities to challenge and thrill you!


With over 70 obstacles available for you to tackle at your own level and speed, the SkyChallenge is perfect for anyone wanting a stimulating experience. Imagine playing tennis in the sky, rowing a boat mid-air, or manoeuvring between obstacles like our floating esky, BMX bike, and sky-high picnic table.


More than a trampoline, MegaBounce, with its elastic power cords, allows you to launch yourself 8 metres into the air while performing flips and somersaults. Come visit the park and purchase your tickets on the spot. Our amazing crew are always ready to support and encourage you through the fun!


The SkyWalk is for all ages and heights! Whether you have friends and family on the SkyChallenge, or just want to take in the views, you can climb 83 steps to the highest platform on the SkyMate. You don’t need a harness to experience Adelaide from above, just a keen sense of anticipation for the views that await you, it’s a great way to be a part of the action!

Open 7 days a week.

Tel: 1300 634 269

Address: 4 Hamra Avenue, West Beach, 5024


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