While in the Port, the vibey dining experience, especially on a refeshing Winter's evening, is undoubtedly,  Low & Slow American BBQ at 17 Commercial Road.

It’s a minimalist place, with a smattering of American memorabilia on the walls, but the menu is anything but, its offerings of brisket, ribs and pork shoulder igniting the tastebuds while the tables groan under an abundance of southern-style foods.

The fare, as the name suggests, is meticulously prepared the traditional American way, and from a fresh start every day (except Mondays, when it’s closed).

It commences with the kitchen’s dry rub of secret spices and sugar, after which the meat cooks slowly and gently to tender perfection in vast smokers that impart a soft and delicate smokiness. Sometimes a marinade sauce is added to the mix but whatever the case, the end result is always slide-off-the-bone tenderness that makes every mouthful lip-smackingly delicious.

It’s a destination best enjoyed, co-owner Angus Kiley tells us, when you roll up with a large crowd, settle for the ‘Let Us Feed You’ smorgasbord, engage in the infectious party atmosphere encouraged by the knowledgeable and gregarious staff, and complement the barbecue food this side of the USA with a few bourbons, a selection of beers and some of South Australia’s finest wines.

A word of advice, though: it’s hugely popular so booking is strongly encouraged; and there are two sittings, the first at 6.00pm and the second at 7.30pm, so lingering longer is not an option.

But then again, after such a busy and energetic day, you’ll be glad to fall into your comfortable bed.


For more information:

Angus Kiley

Low & Slow American BBQ, 17 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide

T:   0402 589 722

E: hello@lowandslowamericanbbq.com

W:  www.lowandslowamericanbbq.com

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