Gin is enjoying something of a renaissance, with the traditional brands now joined by a growing collection of inventive artisan offerings that are increasingly hitting the spot and pleasing the palates of a thirsty world.

And in the side streets of West Thebarton, nestled among the hotchpotch of light industrial and commercial businesses that flank Adelaide city centre’s western boundary, you’ll find a distillery that’s painstakingly passionate about celebrating everything associated with the humble, gin-defining juniper berry.

Imperial Measures Distilling is a gin drinker’s must-visit for that reason alone. But that’s to sell short the whimsical personalities of co-owners and creators, Chris Jones and David Danby and the earthy establishment they’ve created in what was previously a nondescript warehouse.

They live and breathe the place and will warmly, enthusiastically and entertainingly share their story and the road they’re travelling in the quest to reach gin nirvana.

You can be sure, too, that they’ll happily suggest what creative cocktail you should next sample.

Distiller Danby is a cocktail barman by trade. He’s a dab hand at just about everything gin related but rates his take on the Negroni – equal parts of Imperial Measures’ flagship Ounce Gin ‘Signature’, Ruby Bitter the company’s Campari alternative  and their latest release, SV sweet vermouth, carefully stirred down over crystal clear ice and garnished with an orange rind – his signature achievement.

Raconteur Chris, on the other hand, is more likely to show you around and take and talk you through the distillery and Imperial Measures’ unique distilling approach. Then again, he might encourage you to pull up a stool at the pianola or slump into one of the sumptuous red leather sofas, where he’ll have you captive to his beguiling storytelling.

Either way, they’ll have made your Sunday afternoon visit one for the ages…

For more information:

Chris Jones & David Danby

Imperial Measures Distillery, 31 West Thebarton Road, Thebarton

T:            0401 772 688/0418 896 720

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