Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is family friendly with plenty to do, see & eat!

The whole family will love this spot along the coast, with its long jetty and big sandy beach which is patrolled by the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club during Summer.

Adelaide’s coastline is renowned for long walks from beach-to-beach, collecting shells or taking a dip in the ocean to cool off.

From Brighton, stroll along the beach south to Seacliff, or head north past the beautiful and culturally significant Minda Dunes to Somerton Beach.

The well-paved esplanades provide shared access so that you can walk or ride, with pram and wheelchair-friendly ramps and pathways.

Just metres from the beach is the Jetty Road Brighton precinct, which offers an eclectic mix of great cafes, bakeries, fashion and homewares shops.

Grab an outdoor table and mingle with locals as they soak up the sun and cool vibes.

If you like fishing, grab your fishing rod and cast a reel off the jetty.

Have a drink on the balcony of the Brighton Surf Club with uninterrupted ocean views, or visit the local pub for a relaxed evening by the sea.


  • Alimentary
  • Big Shots
  • Brighton Beach Pit
  • Brighton Jetty Bakery
  • Cafe Etc
  • Esplanade Hotel
  • In Thais Cafe & Noodle Bar
  • Royal Copenhagen
  • Seller Door


  • Aqua Living Gifts
  • Lotus Gifts Design Lifestyle
  • Get in 2 the Moose
  • Have you met Charlie
  • The Lover Fighter Company

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