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One of the best ways to see Adelaide is on a bike. The streets and roads around Adelaide’s Beaches are fairly flat and there are many designated bikeways.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can hire free bikes from various Bike SA locations in Adelaide.

There are three trails that make up the Adelaide Airport Trails network. The Anna Meares, Reece Jennings and Captain McKenna Bikeways. They are shared access so you can walk, cycle, take your dog for a walk and they are also suitable for prams and wheelchairs.

Anna Meares Bikeway

Part of the Adelaide Airport trails network. 1.7 kms from Adelaide Airport to Tapleys Hill Road.

Reece Jennings Bikeway

Continue from the Anna Meares bikeway to the Reece Jennings bikeway which takes you 4kms from Tapleys Hills Road to Glenelg.

Captain McKenna Pathway

Continue on from Reece Jennings for 3.9 kms from Glenelg back to Adelaide Airport along the Captain McKenna Pathway.


Following are some other bikeways that will take you from beach to beach or into Adelaide central.

Mike Turtur Bikeway

This path is a shared pedestrian and bicycle path that follows the Glenelg tramline from South Terrace on the edge of the city of Adelaide through to Glenelg for 10 kms.

Meandering through quieter back streets linking Glenelg to the city, the Mike Turtur Bikeway starts is suitable for wheelchairs and prams.

Coast Park Path along Adelaide’s Beaches – Bikeway and Walkway

This Coastal Walk is a collaborative effort between 6 local councils to create a 70km walking and cycling path along the Adelaide coastline that is continuous, from North Haven to Sellicks Beach. The path has most of the sections developed for both walkers and cyclists (still under development in some areas). It is shared access and you can walk or cycle and it is accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

One of the wonders of Adelaide is being able to take a coastal walk of this distance and enjoy a dip in the ocean in summer as you go, or a coffee at a café if its winter!

Here are sections you can walk and cycle today:

  • North Haven to Semaphore-  7.2km
  • Semaphore to Grange - 7.6km
  • Grange to Henley Square - 2.0km
  • Henley Square to Glenelg - 7.5km
  • Glenelg to Seacliff - 6km
  • Seacliff to Hallett Cove - 7km
  • Hallett Cove to northern boundary of Port Stanvac - 2.5km
  • Southern boundary of Port Stanvac to Port Noarlunga - 3.6km
  • Port Noarlunga to Moana - 6.5km
  • Moana to Maslin Beach - 4.3km
  • Maslin Beach to Willunga - 4.1km
  • Willunga to Sellicks Beach - 9.1km

River Torrens Bikeway (part of the Linear Park)

This path starts from the Adelaide Zoo or the Adelaide Festival Centre and follows the River Torrens for 12 kilometres to West Beach river mouth. It loops around so that you walk on both sides of the river.

It has good paths and easy access for walker, cyclists and wheelchairs. There are picnic stops and playgrounds along the way and it is a very picturesque and flat terrain to walk along. Much of the trail is bitumen and some gravel.

Westside Bikeway

A safe and easy walk or ride that is well lit after dark from Mile End to Glenelg. It follows the former Glenelg railway line from the city. This path is 9 kms and shared use, for walkers, cyclists, prams and wheelchairs.

Airport Viewing Areas - Plane Spotters

With two runways, more than 103,701 aircraft movements a year and a wide range of aircraft types that fly in and out daily, Adelaide Airport is a great location for plane spotting.

Our close location to both the city the bay means that you can capture great shots of aircraft taking off and landing with a variety of backgrounds. There are various locations around the airport where aircraft can be observed and photographed.

Inside the Terminal

Visitors can view most of the airfield from the large windowed viewing areas at each of the gate lounges.

Tapleys Hill Road

On the side of Tapleys Hill Road near the airport this is a very popular spot and a great place to just watch planes come in and taxi past.

West End of Richmond Road

This spot gives a great view of the Terminal and allows you to see most aircraft using runway 23 and 05.

Bike Track on South Eastern side of Airport

Bike track that goes along the South Eastern side of the Airport. – Go down Harvey Avenue, turn left at the end and go to the small public park. Walk to the park and there is a path to the bike track.


A seat where you can sit and watch the aircraft go past – Near the northern end of Adelphi Crescent, walk to the seat

Skate Park

A great spot to take shots of the front or underneath of Aircraft as they go over – Go to the Skate park on Africaine Avenue

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