It’s Sunday, traditionally a day of rest. Slowly rouse from your slumber, stretch those limbs and step out in the direction of Old Port Road in Royal Park where you’ll find, among the industrial chic so characteristic of the area, the new home of local – and much-loved – craft brewers, Big Shed Brewing Concern. 

As co-owner Jason Harris puts it, this is an honest establishment, where pretension is left at the door.  

“We’re a couple of blokes who started brewing in a home shed a few years back, got more serious, moved to a bigger shed and now we’re in this state-of-the-art facility where our capacity jumps from 250,000 litres per year to 1,000,000 litres per year – and there’s the potential to crack 4,000,000 litres per year with additional tanks. 

“When you step inside, you’ll meet the locals and soon become one of us as you take in the relaxed atmosphere and sample the great beer and honest pub meals.” 

“Our nothing-to-hide approach means that we even put the brewhouse on display,” he adds, pointing to the brewing activities unfolding behind vast glass walls, ditto the burgers being prepared in the kitchen in full view of patrons seated indoors. 

“After all, there’s nothing worse than going to the zoo and having to tap of the glass because the monkeys won’t move…we like you, to talk to our monkeys.” 

That pretty much sums up Big Shed. As the clock strikes 11.00am, farewell pretension and while away the midday hours sampling brews with such enticing names as Kol Schisel Australian Pale Ale and Californicator West Coast IPA, along with the more sedately named Royal Park Lager. 


For more information: 

Jason Harris 

Big Shed Brewing Concern, 1154 Old Port Road, Royal Park 

T:8240 5037 


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