‘Unique’ is perhaps one of the most misused words in the lexicon, happily bandied about to pump up the credentials of just about anything seeking a bit of advertising gloss.

But at Adventure Kayaking SA at Garden Island on the Port River, the word is used most judiciously as you will come face-to-face with two wholly unique experiences when you hire a kayak for three hours and head out solo or join a guided kayak tour of the area.

For, set within the calm and near-pristine waters of the river’s Dolphin Sanctuary and its rich mosaic of mangrove swamps, you will get to kayak alongside the 40 or so dolphins who call the area home. And while they’re wild, you are almost guaranteed of seeing at least of handful of these graceful creatures during your tour.

Indeed, the Port River Dolphin Sanctuary is recognised as globally significant as there is nowhere else in the world where you will find such a large group of dolphins, in their natural habitat, living with a city.

That’s unique!

As is the Garden Island Ships’ Graveyard, where the 26 wrecks on the southern shore of the island form part of one of the world's largest and most diverse ships' graveyards. Best viewed from a kayak, you will see stunning relics of sailing ships, steamers, motor vessels, ferries, barges, dredgers and pontoons while catching an intriguing glimpse of our past.

Adventure Kayaking SA’s kayaks have been designed in such a way as to make capsizing almost impossible – and thus safe for everyone, novices included.

And while the guided tour provides commentary on the local ecology and maritime history, the solo adventure is popular with those seeking to do their own thing. For safety reasons, both excursions are confined to a six-kilometre loop of the area.

A beautiful area, amid calm waters and filled with interesting finds, Kayaking Adventures SA offers an oasis within a city – and three hours you’ll be hard-pressed to spend more relaxingly…either in a single, double or three-seater designed for two adults and a child or on one of the Stand-Up Paddlers also available for hire.

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