It might not be as simple as ABC but at Adelaide’s Bouldering Club you can be sure that regardless of your level of expertise, you’ll be welcome.

At ABC, as it's commonly know, you'll be assisted every step of the way as you take on what’s believed to be one of our fastest growing sports.

The Thebarton-based not-for-profit association established almost 10 years ago to provide newcomers to the sport with a purpose-built facility where, in a safe and supportive environment, they can develop their abilities, test their physical and mental skills, achieve their fitness goals, celebrate their personal bests and, most importantly, have great fun.

And with one of ABC’s primary objectives being to make the facility available to everyone, the management makes a point of keeping prices as low as possible.

Bouldering, for the non-conversant, is a style of indoor climbing where individuals of all ages and abilities tackle obstacles without the assistance of ropes or harnesses. It’s totally safe, too, with the boulders kept to a height of no more than four metres and any falls resulting in the climber landing on a deep and soft mat.

It is also an increasingly popular alternative to sweaty sessions in the gym as it provides the workout regular gym junkies are after but is a lot more exciting and challenging. The climbs are changed regularly to keep things interesting, while each climb is colour-coded according to its level of difficulty, thus testing both one’s physical attributes to ascend the boulder and complete the course and their mental powers to figure out the best route to take.

The facility is primarily frequented by members, although the public is welcome to enjoy its offerings by taking out daily memberships as required. Open seven days a week, it operates from 4pm to 10pm from Monday to Friday to cater for the after school and after work crowd, while on weekends and public holidays, it’s open from 12noon until 6pm.

There’s also an exciting school holiday program for the July winter holidays and another set from the spring school break in September/October.

More information on these and other activities can be found on ABC’s website by visiting

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