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Wellbeing underpinned Adelaide’s establishment thousands of years before settlement in 1836.

Adelaide was settled in 1836 as a self-sustaining free colony. Unlike the penal colonies that had been established in other states of Australia, the people who settled Adelaide emigrated by their own choice. Adelaide supported and encouraged a healthy lifestyle, good employment opportunities and the possibility to own land.

The establishment of these sentiments is embedded in Adelaide’s culture and history and you will see and feel this as you visit our historical and heritage sites.

The Kaurna People – Adelaide’s Indigenous People

The Adelaide Plains were long ago inhabited by the Kaurna people, who were the original custodians of the land for tens of thousands of years until the early free settlers arrived.

The Kaurna people were friendly, honest and intelligent with a deep connection to the land they inhabited. They believed in balance with their environment and only took what they needed for their health and wellbeing. They taught their children great respect for the land they inhabited, and reminded them of their connection to the stars, plants, animals and basically everything in existence as part of a whole, passing this on from generation to generation.

To this day, you can feel the grace and respect that the Kaurna people instilled across these lands, making Adelaide a special place for people who live here and for the lucky ones that visit. 


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